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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is LISTEN?

A.LISTEN is a dynamic, innovative, and easy-to-use application for people who want to play Ringback Tones (music, sounds, greetings) to their family and friends. LISTEN offers various cool features including, but not limited to, Status, Auto-holiday, and Special Occasion.

Q.Where can I download the LISTEN App?

A.LISTEN is free to download and use, and is available on iPhone and any Android device. To download the LISTEN App, visit Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android devices and search 'LISTEN'

Q.Does LISTEN support all carriers?

A.Currently, LISTEN supports T-Mobile and MetroPCS in the U.S. and we are continuing to add on new carrier partners to LISTEN worldwide.

Q.How can I upgrade my service?

A.Do you want to enjoy the full spectrum of LISTEN? It is easy to upgrade your membership to LISTEN Standard or Premium.
In your LISTEN application, go to 'Menu > Accounts' and click the LISTEN Plan you want to upgrade to.

Q.I'm a LISTEN subscriber. Can I use LISTEN in another country?

A.If you're connected to the Internet, you can use LISTEN anywhere in the world.

Q.What Is Drive Mode & Auto SMS Reply?

A.With LISTEN’s new Drive Mode and Auto Status Reply features, we aim to prevent the distractions of texting/talking and driving while you're behind the wheel, keeping you safe on the road. To Use: Simply open the LISTEN app and navigate to the DRIVE tab and select Automatic Driving Detection and click the ON button.  Once enabled, the app will automatically detect when you're driving (via speed detection) and will automatically play a voice status message to incoming callers informing them that you're busy and behind the wheel. You can also enable Auto SMS Replies via the Settings icon (located in right corner) and create custom text messages that can auto-reply to both callers and texters when you're on the road.  Cool right?  It's like having a personal assistant while you're driving. The Auto SMS Reply feature is also integrated into the Calendar, Recurring and Location sections under the Status tab allowing you to reply to incoming texts automatically. Safety first! 

Q.How Do I Create My Own Custom Voice Status?

A.Want to leave a custom Status for your callers with your very own voice?  Here's how: 1) Open LISTEN App 2) Navigate to STATUS > Manual 3) Select "Your Own Voice Status" 4) You should see an image of a microphone.  Simply click on the red button to begin recording a 30-second voice status!  Make sure to tap the red button at the end of your recording. 5) Click Done and SAVE - now that you have a saved Status recording you can play that message back to your callers when you can't get to the phone. Tip*  You can always go back to edit your custom voice status, so if you don't like what you recorded the first time, you can go back and edit it again from the same page.  

Q.How Do I Sync My Calendar Events With LISTEN Status?

A.Play and share your Status automatically to callers based on your Calendar Events! Here's how:  Open LISTEN app >   Navigate to STATUS and click on CALENDAR > Click on "Set CALENDAR Status Now" then select which calendar you'd like to associate with Status & Click "SAVE" > Now set your status!  You can choose from a few different messages that will play back to callers automatically based on your calendar events. You can also set up an AUTO SMS REPLY that will respond to incoming texts and incoming calls based on your calendar events. *Tip: You can review and change the detail setting for Calendar Status anytime in Status Setting Page. Use Calendar Status when you know you're going to be unavailable at certain times of the day each week. It's like having a personal assistant!

Q.What is Location Status (Geofencing)?

A.Location Status (Geofencing) allows you to play status messages to callers when you enter a certain location.  This way you'll never be disturbed by a pesky phone call in those locations (like the movies or church) where you need to keep the peace! Here's how to use Location Status: 1) Open LISTEN 2) Navigate to Status > Location 3) Select a Status Message that suits your occasion 4) Set your Location Status (it should automatically pre-populate  or you can type in an address to set the location) 6) Click DONE *Tip:  You can enable an AUTO SMS REPLY from the Location screen to automatically respond to inbound calls and text messages.




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Available in the US for T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers and in the UK for T-Mobile and Orange customers.

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